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Think Like a Pro: How to Evaluate Resume Writing Examples

There are many examples of resumes that you’ll find in books, magazines and online. It is important to be able to tell a good resume from one that is not so good. Most employers can tell the best resumes at a glance. You’ll want to know how to evaluate your own resume so that you can make improvements to it. There are some things that don’t give the reader a good impression of your resume.

Here is a list of the top 10 things NOT to do on your resume.

1. Don’t Lie. Most people think that a little fibbing on their resume won’t hurt them and can make them look better. Don’t be tempted to do it. While the lie may make you look better on paper it’s just not worth it. If the HR manager does some checking and finds out you lied you could be banned from ever applying to that company again. If you do get the job and the company finds out later that you lied on your resume you could be fired.

2. Don’t keep irrelevant information on your resume. Not only does it take up valuable space it hides the relevant information from the reader. Don’t make the reader have to hunt through your resume to find the important information.

3. Don’t write in paragraphs. Paragraphs are for essays and stories. Instead, keep your resume easy to read at a glance. Use bullet points to further showcase your information.

4. Don’t put too much information in your resume. If you have a long job history there is no need to go back more than ten years or so. Remove some of the dead weight on your resume to make room for the information the counts.

5. Don’t list job responsibilities that you donít want to do again. Perhaps you had some parts of your last jobs that you were very good at yet you didn’t like that aspect of your job. If you highlight it you are asking to do that part of the job again.

6. Don’t use more than one page. Try your best to get your resume down to one page. You can leave off anything that doesn’t pertain. Make the one page look as good as possible. Your resume should be short and concise. But ñ don’t cram it into one page using the smallest font on earth. If you need to have that much information you will need to use two pages.

7. Don’t have any spelling or grammatical errors on your resume. Check it once, check it again and then have someone else check it. One spelling error will land your resume in the “no” pile.

8. Don’t use different font or crazy headings in your resume. Choose a format and stick to it throughout your resume. While there are hundreds of fonts to choose from always stay with a very readable font that is close to typewriter font. Most people prefer New Times Roman or Arial.

9. Don’t highlight your shortcomings. This is never a good idea. You are not making the resume as a tell-all book so don’t put negative things on your resume. If you’ve had trouble in a certain area before it’s best to leave it off completely.

10. Don’t use one resume for every job opening. Instead you should custom tailor your resume to highlight the things that work best for the employer.

I hope these tips help. If you need further assistance on creating an amazing resume please contact me at today.

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